Blue Idle cover_edited2

Finally. I have to say, this one took longer than I thought. Since I first started to put this album together (like, nearly two years ago!!) I’ve replaced nearly half the songs I initially thought were going to be on this one, but by the time I wrote ‘Cold Mountain’, I knew it was finally an album.

We’re gonna set up a CD release show for May and will play all the new songs and only the new songs. Details as they come, so watch this space.


Sept 16, 2013 ~Carrs Corner~ Spokane, WA

Sept 27, 2013 ~The Shanty~ Cd’A, ID

Nov 5, 2013 ~Habesha Lounge~ Portland, OR

Dec 19, 2013 ~The Hop~ Spokane, WA

Dec 20, 2013 ~Carrs Corner~ Spokane, WA

Jan 12, 2013 ~The Gig Spot~ Gig Harbor, WA

Feb 8, 2014 ~Carrs Corner~ Spokane, WA


Check this page frequently, many dates to be added soon…


Well hello there, Glory Lust-ers. A quick check-in before our Summer Show Run ends this coming Saturday (at The Center in Spokane WA).

Thanks to ALL who rocked with us this Summer all over the Northwest.


This year, LfG has had MANY guest skin beaters. So here’s a shout out to the bevy of drummers that pounded it out for us this Summer

Mike Ingram

Mike Ingram (Lust for Glory; No Expectations)

LfG GRail 2

Scott Carr (3LP)


Lance Paden (The Warshers; Snow Bud & the Flower People; Lust for Glory)


Marlin Ayotte (Mojave Wizard; Wicked Obsession)


Chris Newman (Singer/Guitarist- Boo Frog; Snow Bud & the Flower People; Napalm Beach; Divining Rods)

guest drummer


Seth Erickson (Unknown. Big T’s regular)


and “Indian Taco” Ray (picture unavailable)


Working on the Fall show schedule, so stay tuned to see who shows up with us next……..